f(x)-red light

a quickie of the babe

me: I should draw something
me: [does absolutely nothing]

a little experiment i guess!! first time trying something like this so ;; lmao cries

itty bitty kyungsoo

protect and love genderfluid aroace wan tbh

i got bored at the orthodontist’s today so i ended up doodling these two real quickly ;; micron pens and ink are so much fun ( / v \ )

(these aren’t the greatest scans in the world sorry„ TT)


i really like comparing old stuff with new stuff 


i was one of the people who did a bunch of tahno art back when book 1 was airing i wonder if anybody remembers that…?

ah!! i’ve been so inactive recently omg i’m really sorry for that!! ; o ; it’s been because of a couple of reasons, one of them being that i think that i’ve been so self-conscious and focused on making really nice art that i always end up not posting and/or finishing things, but it’s gradually getting better!! i’m wanting to start posting more, even if they’re just doodles!! and i’d like to be more active on here too!! ; q ;